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Rebel Yell

Jun 12, 2020

This is Rebel Yell — A Southern Nationalist Podcast. I'm your host, Musonius Rufus. For our 180th episode of Rebel Yell, Fulwar Skipwith and I talk to Bedford about how criminal actors are undermining the laws of Virginia and the United States.

The Seeker has sixth installment in the Rebel Histories below, so make sure you listen to that one too.

"glow in the dark". Someone who throws up red flags or shows suspicious signs that they are some sort of spy, saboteur, propagandist, astroturfer/astroturder, some other type of undercover agent/ operative, or are flying a false flag. Example. "I don't trust those guys, they glow in the dark". The Urban Dictionary.

"Oh, I'm a Good Ol' Rebel" is the outro.



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