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Rebel Yell

Jun 3, 2018

This is Rebel Yell – a Southern Nationalist podcast of the Alt-Right. I'm your host Musonius Rufus. Joining me are my cohosts Mencken's Ghost and Ryan McMahon. For our 98th episode of Rebel Yell, Mencken interviewed Augustus Invictus.

Conference Season in the South:

The League of the South's Florida conference was June 2nd at the Columbia County Fairgrounds. I apologize for not announcing it beforehand.

The American Freedom Party and the Council of Conservative Citizens will be holding their joint conference on June 15-17 in the same place as American Renaissance. Drs. Michael Hill, Kevin MacDonald, and Tom Sunic will all be speaking there.

The League of the South will be having their national conference in Wetumpka Alabama on June 29th and 30th. Instructions for this conference are at:

Happy Birthday, President Davis!

Thanks, goys!

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Thanks, goys!